HpH Glasflügel 304CZ
New production of the much-favored sailplane Glasflugel H-304
The sailplane is produced according to the same drawings and data in the molds and jigs of Glasflugel, using the high quality resin and glass cloth.
UP-TO-DATED The sailplane is offered with optional winglets and carbon aramid safety seat
  • Single seat, FAI 15 meter class flapped sailplane.
  • The two-piece wing is cantilever and double trapezoidal.
  • The trailing edge airbrakes are a combination of spoilers and flaps.
  • Automatic control hook-ups including ailerons, flaps, dive brakes, elevator and even water ballast system.
  • Trimming is by means of a leaf spring on the control column, adjusted by a touch-button on the handgrip.
  • Elevator, stabilizer, rudder and fin of GRP-Foam-Sandwich
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Forward hinged one-piece canopy
  • T-tail

Standard equipment
  • Automatic hook- up of all flight controls
  • Convertible to 115 litter water ballast
  • C.G. hook TOST
  • 500x5 TOST wheel and brake
  • 210x65 pneumatic tail wheel
  • Mecaplex clear canopy
  • In-Flight adjustable seatback and headrest
  • Seat cushions and interior upholstery
  • Mylar seals on all control surfaces
  • Adapter for Prandtl –tube in the fin
  • Registration and contest letters – UV resistant vinil tape
  • Instrument panel Normal (pilot high upto 195cm)
  • Winglets
  • Tinted canopy
  • Water ballast
  • Additional front tow hook TOST
  • Trim weight box
  • Battery and battery box (10 Ah)
  • 3D Turbulators
  • Seat belt, Shoulder harness
  • Tail Dolly, TE Probe (Ilec)
  • Dust covers etc.

Instruments according to your wish