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HpH Ltd. is a company long established in the aviation industry. Having been involved with initial construction of the Diamond Dimona, Katana, and more recently the mighty EB29, HpH have gained a reputation for exceptional engineering build quality and attention to detail. 

In 1997, the HPH company succeeded in gaining the technology and production documentation for the original Glasflügel 304. Production started in 1997 with an updated version of the Glasflügel 304, the HpH 304CZ, which proved very successful both with customers and in competitions. After that, HpH filled a gap in the market producing the HpH304C Wasp, an inexpensive FAI Standard Class version of the 304CZ and both models are highly praised in the gliding community. 

HPH have taken all of this knowledge, design & manufacturing know-how to produce a highly competitive sailplane with the »all-new« HpH Shark series. Introducing new dimensions to gliding, and producing a refreshing alternative to the established competition, HPH have already shipped over 70 Shark gliders to customers worldwide, including North America, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe.

  1. >170 sailplanes worldwide
  2. > 50 years of Glasflügel 304
  3. 1994 foundation of HpH sailplanes
  4. 2016 inauguration new Headquarter
  5. 10.000 sqm production site


Fiberglass high performance gliders

Gliders became a new production target in 1998. The HPH company succeeded to gain the complete technology and production documentation for a German glider named Glasflügel 304, a development of Eugen Hänle.

The first glider produced by HPH Ltd. in 1997 under the name Glasflügel 304CZ carried only small arrangements in its construction. No fundamental modernization was needed because of the timeless construction which set the shapes and features of the next development generation.

This was only the beginning of a successful story for HPH as a sailplane producer. Today, we have a whole range of sailplanes designed from scratch by HpH itself. Our gliders find their customers all over the world. 

Prototyping for civil and military clients

We realize the development and prototype production for our own needs as well as for customers out of different industry fields. Particular attention is payed on airplanes (gliders, UL category, VLA category, UAV, industry prototyping).

Our CNC 3D fast prototyping is focused on job-order model manufacture, single-part production, lot production and trimming plastics.

We dispose of the latest state-of-the-art technology, e.g. six units of 5-axial CNC machines. The biggest one has a working area of 9m x 3m x 3,5m. Our customers come from every industry sector.

  1. Prototyping
  2. Design and development of sailplanes
  3. Manufacturing of sailplanes
  4. Research Cooperations



  • POA CS-22 + extension possibility

EASA Type certificates:

  • HPH Glasflugel 304 CZ, 304 C, 304 S, 304 MS, 304 ES
  • VSO-10

CAA CZ Type certificates

  • VT-16 and VT-116 Orlik
  • L-40 Meta Sokol

EASA Type certificates pending:

  • 304 SJ, 304 TS TwinShark

Our history

The Glasflügel 304 from Egon Hänle plays a leading part in our company’s story. Therefore, we want to start with a short excursion to the Glasflügel history.

The Glasflügel history from 1964

The company Glasflügel (German: »glass wings«) was founded by Eugen Hänle in 1962 and was located in Schlattstall, south of Kirchheim unter Teck. It was the first firm to manufacture a glass-fibre sailplane in large numbers. It was also responsible for a large number of innovations in sailplane design and technology: quick assembly systems for wings and tailplane, automatic control connections, trailing edge airbrake-flap combinations, hinged instrument panels, the parallelogram control stick and automatic trimming are some innovations introduced by Glasflügel and later adopted by other manufacturers. Some of these are standard features in nearly all gliders produced today. Most of their planes are still flying worldwide. The glider types named Libelle, Hornet, Mosquito, and Kestrel are famous by excellent flight performance and simple maintenance.

Glasflügel encountered financial difficulties in the 1970s which led to a co-operation with the firm Schempp-Hirth starting from May 1975. The death of Eugen Hänle in a flight accident on September 21 of the same year further aggravated the company’s position, and after further changes in ownership in 1979, it was finally dissolved in 1982.

(from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Our history from 1989

The company was found by the brothers Dipl.Ing. Ivan Hodan and Dipl.Ing. Jiri Hodan in 1989 under name Modeler's club H+H. They were joined by Jaroslav Potmesil.

Der „geistige Vater“ des tschechischen Entwicklers und Herstellers von Segelflugzeugen war bereits mit jungen Jahren in der Entwicklungsabteilung für bekannte Flugzeuge wie z.B. DV20, DA20 „Katana“ oder „Dimona“ von DIAMOND in Österreich und Kanada. In jüngster Zeit war er in die Entwicklung der EB29 involviert.

Im Herbst 1979 begann Glasflügel als GFK-erfahrenster Segelflugzeughersteller weltweit unter der Geschäftsführung von Erich Weinzierl mit der Entwicklung eines Mosquito-Nachfolgers, der Glasflügel 304. Sie hatte ihren Erstflug am 10. Mai 1980 in Nabern. Erstmals wurden die Negativformen für den Flügel ganz in Kunststoff hergestellt. Glasflügel erreichte damit eine wesentlich bessere Formtreue und Langzeitstabilität. Mit dem Konkurs von Glasflügel 1982 endete die Produktion der 304 nach 62 Stück.

Mitte der neunziger Jahre wurden ebendiese Formen von der tschechischen Firma HpH übernommen. Die 304 wurde seither als HpH 304 CZ wieder gebaut und im Rahmen der Modellpflege entstand eine weitere Version, die Standardklasse HpH 304C Wasp.

In 1995, the company name and trade mark were changed into HPH Ltd. Today there are two separate companies, HPH models and HPH sailplanes.

Our team

CEO Jaroslav Potmesil

Sales  Jaroslav Potmesil

Office management Libuše Zelenková

Head of Design Martin Pekar

Head of production Jaroslav Kopecky

Press relation Dagmar Javurkova

Marketing M8 Medien GmbH

and a large team of high-skilled employees, co-workers, and partners from industry to research institutes to universities.

 Jaroslav Potmesil

  1. Staff of 50+
  2. High-skilled and complex team
  3. Long-term working perspectives

Our representatives

We are searching for representatives for our sailplanes in several countries all over the world. Please in case of interest send an email at  info@remove-this.hph.cz


Sean Franke- Wings & Wheels


3525 W Bavaria St 
Eagle,  ID 83616

Phone: 208.994.4110


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United Kingdom (UK)

John Gilbert

Mobile: +44 07789 540123

> Location on map


Matthias Fischer 

+49.172.69 54 788
D-15712 Königs Wusterhausen

> Location on map

Axel Reich
+49.177.74 54 550
D-72116 Mossingen

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Australia & New Zealand

Scarborough Sailplanes

represented by Justin Sinclair and Tim Hood   




Sports Aircraft New Zealand Ltd

represented by Tim Harrison    



HPH Australia 

Mr.Rob Izatt


> Location on map


Ing. Gustav Remschnig



Tel.: 0043 664 4506777

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Karel Krobath



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Christian Hynek



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HPH Argentina 

Dr. Osvaldo M. Ferraro
Av. Santa Fe 2130 Piso 8 A
(C1123AAQ) Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54) 9 11 6171-8030

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Peter Igor Volf



> Location on map

South Africa

Peter How 

P.O.Box 5253
Halfway House 1685

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Edwin Auz

Phone: 593-2800455 / 593-2800377 / 593-96015259 /593-2484298


Nicolas Veron - AeroGlide



Tel.: 06 71 01 07 07

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Pietro Silveri

Mob: 00393357015773

Tel: 00390294759877

Tel: 0039089880122



Marina Charter.

Importatore CNB yacht builders - Jeanneau - Lagoon - 304 SHARK FAMILY dealer




Airport VARESE

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Claudio Masciovecchio

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Masayuki Yano


> Location on map

Takeshi Saito

> Location on map

Aiichiro Nakazawa

Japan Flight Assistance Corp.
Kawachimachi, Inashiki-gun
300-1336 Ibaraki
Phone: +81.(0)29784 5151

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MIRO Systemy Szybowcowe

Robert ?l?czkowski
ul. Storczykowa 21
65-012 Zielona Góra
Phone: +48.(0)603676499

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Carlos de Albert  



+34 670227424

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Ing. Gustav Remschnig



Tel.: 0043 664 4506777

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Hans Biesters



Tel.: +31624334863

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Your job career

Rozšiřujeme výrobu a hledáme:

Pracovníky do výroby kompozitových letadel (odkaz)

- laminace

- hrubá montáž

- lakovna

- zámečník

- obsluha CNC strojů


Pracovník na konečnou montáž a elektroinstalaci kompozitových letadel (odkaz)

- konečná montáž


Technická příprava, vývoj a výroba kompozitových letadel (odkaz)

- návrh a výroba přípravků a forem

- technolog

- programátor CNC strojů a robotů



řídící pracovníky:

-mistry do laminovny a hrubé montáže

-vedoucí skladového hospodářství a zásobování

-samostatný marketingový specialista

-samostatný prodejce letadel - nutná znalost angličtiny a němčiny



Please send your application to:

HPH ltd.
- job -

We are continuously looking for high-skilled aviation personnel of any profession.

Furthermore, we are looking for motivated people from other professions who want to be re-trained for our specific needs in the aviation sector. We need craftsmen like carpenters, unholsterers, saddler, tailors, car mechanics, and car electricians.

scitec Science & Technology Park profile

  • We dispose of the most advanced technologies for prototyping
  • We provide our state-of-the-art technology for our own fleet, for third-party airplane developers, and for other industry demands

An incubator for small and medium-sized companies

The Science & Technology Park SCITEC has been built in 2015 at Kutna Horà, 60 km from Prague in the Czech Republic. It consists in laboratories, workshops and offices in a total of 5,300 square meters.

SCITEC is aimed to support experimental development and innovation and the transfer of knowledge into industrial practice primarily in the field of aviation technology, composite materials and materials research.

It has a significant contribution to innovation-oriented small and medium-sized companies, which provides subsidized rentals and discounted services in our technology transfer centers and business incubators.

SCITEC Technology Park is a private facility and is a part of the company HPH al. s.r.o., built with the assistance of structural fund OPPI and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Works closely with leading university research and development centers, and provides links to these institutions.

The Technology Park is also designed as a rental facility for research and development teams and small and medium-sized companies with a wide range of support services.

Projekty spolufinancovány Evropskou unií a Ministerstvem průmyslu a obchodu