HPH 304C Wasp

Club glider with potential

It was not just a sort of facelift of an existing technology, but a very long way of development. The pure glider HpH 304C Wasp is designed specifically for clubs and young glider pilots. A spacious cockpit, easy handling and excellent flight characteristics satisfy a wide range of interest. This glider is built to JAR standards and is certified in the utility class.

  1. 15 m Standard class
  2. MAUW 450 kg / 992 lbs
  3. VNE 250 kmh / 135 kts
  4. Best L/D 42.7 @ 63 kts
  5. Empty Weight 235 kg / 518 lbs

304C Wasp – History goes high-tech

High quality is a requirement stressed daily in the production of the 304. The most technically demanding work is hand laminating the glass-fiber/epoxy-resin in the original female forms of Eugen Hänle. The finish earns a grade of “outstanding” due to this high quality work; all other manufacturing details are implemented with the same high quality standards.

Automatic control connections (a Glasflügel development copied by nearly all manufacturers) Automatic connection features allow safer and faster assembly minimizing misconnected control hazards. A wing assembly aid helps reduce the rigging forces to a minimum.

The winglets are easily attached with a simple safety device. Wingtip wheels reduce damage and facilitate the handling on soil. Skids may be ordered as an option.

The pedals, as well as the back and head rests, can be adjusted during flight. Optional trim weights (red) allow for a wide range of pilot weights. The heel brake is integrated with the rudder pedals increase braking action with standard TOST wheel assemblies (hydraulic “disc” brake is optional).

The spacious cockpit is suitable for small and large pilots. The 304 had the worlds first canopy hung instrument panel, which hinges upward as part of the canopy frame making entries and exits easier.

Another Glasflügel development is the unique parallelogram control and soft trim adjusted by the touch of a button on the handgrip.

The 304CZ model incorporates coupled flaps & ailerons with rotating trailing-edge spoilers incorporated in the flap mechanism. There is a latch plate that does not allow a “wrong” combination of flaps/spoilers. Extra-large double-paneled spoilers provide the 304C an optimal glide-path control (304CZ: flap integrated trailing-edge spoilers).

304C Wasp Technical data

no engine
Wing span15 m (49.2 ft)
Wing area9.9 m2 / 106.6 ft2
Aspect ratio22.8
Fuselage length6.45 m / 21.2 ft
Empty weight235 kg / 518 lb
maximum take-off weight450 kg / 992 lb
Water ballast 115 l / 30.4 US gal
Min. wing loading30.8 kg/m2 / 6.3 lb/ft2
Max. wing loading45.4 kg/m2 / 9.3 lb/ft2
Glide Performance
Best glide ratio43
at speed116 km/h / 72 mph
min. sink rate (at min. weight)0,57 m/s / 1.86 ft/sec
at speed77 km/h / 48 mph
Stall speed (at max. weight)73 km/h / 46 mph
VNE250 km/h / 155 mph


Dear customers, HpH 304C and 304CZ are not in this time available.

Standard configuration and Options

  • two-piece cantilevered / double trapezoidal wing
  • combination trailing edge flaps/spoilers (304CZ) or extra large double panel spoilers (304C)
  • automatic hook-ups for ailerons, flaps, elevator, and water ballast mechanism
  • lightened T-tail elevator and rudder from GRP foam sandwich
  • All hinges are either needle bearings or maintenance free Teflon bushings.
  • pushrods and bell cranks use fatigue-resistant bearings which ensure effortless flying with low operating forces
  • control surfaces are internally sealed & mylar installed on wing and vertical tail surfaces
  • touch-button adjustable trim on hand-grip
  • optional trim boxes in the nose and tail
  • vertically hinged one piece canopy with attached instrument panel — optional instrument panel available for taller pilots
  • retractable landing gear with a large 5.00x5 TOST wheel (retracts into a sealed bay)
  • VHF antenna in the vertical stabilizer
  • 210x65 pneumatic tail wheel

  • optional water ballast mechanism
  • optional winglets and carbon-aramid safety seat shell
  • optional 17.43 m wing tip
  • optional TOST hydraulic disk brake