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Welcome to HPH ltd. Kutná Hora, Czech Republic

HPH is specialized in development and production of:

-  State-of-the-art aircraft models.

-  Composite (CFRP) high performance gliders.

-  Prototype production.



Latest news :

TWIN SHARK 304MS (stále hledáme pěkné, české jméno)
HPH Ltd. is engaged in long-term development and production of industrial models and sailplanes.
HPH Ltd.'s goal is to provide a high degree of innovation, progressive solutions to product
development and ultimately, a perfect product.
One of the current projects is the development and production of a two-seater sailplane.
The HPH two seat sailplane project utilizes the technical expertise of contributors such
as Brno University of Technology, the Czech Technical University
in Prague, the Academy of Sciences Of The Czech Republic, the Aerospace Research
And Test Establishment in Prague and dozens of other companies and institutions from the Czech Republic and abroad.

We are now finishing the flight prototype and are preparing the subsequent serial production.

The current sailplane is designed for competition flying in the FAI 20 meter category with the possible
installation of various engine types.

A simplified version for basic training and basic aerobatics will follow.

HPH enjoys a wide market at home in the Czech Republic, but our major markets are Europe, the USA, Australia and Japan.

Predecessors to HPH sailplanes are the legendary Glasflugels, of which there are approximately 1600 flying today.
Some of the models are the Libelle, Hornet, Mosquito and Kestrel. Included also are nearly
200 type "304" (original Glasflugel and HPH).

This fleet is an important source of practical experience and knowledge of operation and provides inspiration for
further development.

HPH is using a fresh approach to sailplane manufacturing. We start with the solid lineage of the legendary Glasflugel
family of aircraft. We add state of the art CAD/CAM design, 5-axis CNC milling and an association with the best
minds in aircraft engineering. Add to this our dedicated, hands on craftsmanship and it is obvious why HPH
is the future of sailplane manufacturing.


Třípohledový nákres a rychlostní polára ve srovnání s konkurenčními typy - s klapkou v poloze "0"


Varianta s rozpětím 17,5m.

TWS17_01 TWS17_02 TWS17_03 TWS17_04

Varianta s rozpětím 20m.

TWS20_01 TWS20_02 TWS20_03 TWS20_04

3D simulace proudění

domena prechod pathlines_1_14deg pathlines_1_4deg

Výroba prototypu nástavce křídla metodou CAD/CAM a 5-ti osé CNC frézy.

Při vývoji a stavbě letadel je dodnes profesionální a špičková ruční práce nenahraditelná.

vyrobanastavce_1 vyrobanastavce_2 vyrobanastavce_3 vyrobanastavce_5

Předlohy pro výrobu forem - vyvinuté opět metodou CAD/CAM přes virtuální 3D modely a 5-ti osým CNC obráběním.

stemme_1 stemme_3 stemme_4 stemme_5

Zkušenosti nabyté při vývoji , stavbě , testování a certifikaci předchozích typů využíváme při návrhu 304TS.

Cílem u nového větroně  je například  9g bezpečnostní karbon-kevlarový kokpit a speciální 4 fázové odpružení podvozku.

Tyto bezpečnostní prvky  nejsou u mnohých letadel zatím aplikovány, přičemž jsou zásadní pro ochranu posádky.crash_1 crash_2 crash_3 crash_4Vývoj nového profilu pro 304TS má na starosti Akademie Věd a VZLÚ Praha.Také díky profilu nové generace bude nový větroň "menší , lehčí a dokonalejší".Společným cílem jsou maximální možné výkony s důrazem na vysokou životnost letadla, bezpečnost provozua pokud možno co nejdokonalejší ochrana a komfort posádky.No prostě až dílo společně dokončíme, bude to nej a hlavně naše! - Český a ne Německý Wink
tunel_1 tunel_2 tunel_3 tunel_4




You can see SHARK at:
7.November, The Netherlands, Terlet Dutch Gliding Day
8.November, Belgium, Grez-Doiceau Belgian Open Day

14.November,Germany, Gelnhausen Luftsporttag

21.November,Switzerland, Winterthur Segelflugkonferenz
22.November,Germany, Kamen Luftsporttag


25.05.2015 - New change and challenge by HPH

After 20 years of sucessful development and production today all HPH staff, moulds, jigs and gliders move to new home.
Old production hall is sold and on the free area should be in next 6 months build new hall and future home base for Twin Shark.
In old production hall we develop and produce in past 20 years more than 3000 Museum Quality MODELS

(Today separate HPH Models Company) 1500 CNC moulds and 130 REAL GLIDERS.

We thank to all our Staff, Friends, Customers and Dealers for GREAT help and support!

HPH Team

and growing

HPH 304 Family




More FES 304 e Shark Infos here

Maiden flight 30.4.2015

FES on AERO - Range 100Km by speed 100Km/h


See you at AERO Friedrichshafen!

April 15-18, 2015, Hall A1,Stand 101


304MS Shark Nr.41 is ready and is for German customer. Congratulation to Michael!


New Shark in UK - Test flights are now possible direkt by Uk Dealer


7.Februar 2015- Bayerische Fliegertag Ansbach


Lelystadt 17.January 2015

Congratulations pilots 304S SHARK to achieve 1000Km:

1.Tomas Suchanek
2.Uros Krasovic
3.Stanislav Kubicek
4.Michael Koester
5.Johannes Kamm

6.Marten Rutgers van der Loeff
7.Pieter van der Berg

17.12.2014 Namibia - Kiripotib1000Km FAI Triangel on 304MS.

Congratulation to pilot Stanley Kubicek, Aeroklub Brno Medlanky :-)


HPH are pleased to announce that the HPH 304 Shark has obtained full EASA certification.


HPH 304S SHARK EASA Type certificate

HPH 304MS SHARK - EASA Noise certificate


"österreichische Segelfliegertag" - 18. Oktober 2014 at Kongresszentrum Seefeld
New 304MS for Australia
14.9.   Nesvačily - Aerovikend
Uys Jonker flew our 304S JET SHARK and say- "great and safe glider for any pilot"


304S Jet S.Nr.37 is by UK customer


304 Twin Shark


Shark 35 and 36 ready for delivery

Shark 37 on final assembly

304MS SHARK in France:



If somebody plan charter SHARK in Namibia, look here:




04.04.2014-SHARK 304MS ser.Nr.34 is ready for USA Customer

25.03.2014-SHARK 304MS ser.Nr.33 is ready for German Customer

17.03.2014-SHARK 304MS SHARK ser.Nr.32 is ready for German Customer

04.03.2014- WASP 304C ser.Nr.77 is ready for USA Customer

03.03.2014- WASP 304C ser. Nr.74 is ready for German Customer

01.03.2014- You are welcome on BGA conference UK - www.hphuk.co.uk

28.02.2014- See you at SSA conference 2014 Reno - www.wingsandwheels.com

25.02.2014- New SHARK 304S JET ser.Nr.31 is ready for our USA customer. Tim, welcome by us :-)

02.02.2014- New SHARK 304S JET ser.Nr.30 is by UK customer.

01.01.2013- Visit New website: www.hphuk.co.uk

01.01.2011 HPH Bulletins:

HPH issued Service bulletins: G304CZ-06a); G304CZ17-06a); G304C-06a). A broken elevator control rod in the vertical fin on a Kestrel sailplane has been reported. The technical investigation revealed that water had soaked into the elevator control rod through a control bore hole and resulted in corrosion damage. The investigation concluded as well that the corrosion cannot be detected from outside the elevator control rod. This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to failure of the elevator control rod, possibly resulting in loss of control of the sailplane. EASA Airworthiness Directive No. 2012-0073 issued on 30th April 2012. Actual AD+SB overview in PDFService bulletin in PDFEASA AD in PDF

your HPH team

Meetings points 304S Shark
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15. + 16. Oktober Typenfliegen 304S Shark, Flugplatz Bensheim (Hessen, GER)

Anmeldung bei Matthias Fischer, 0172-6954788

Verantwortlich vor Ort: Stefan Schneider



22. Oktober OLC-Symposium Popenhausen



29.Oktober Deutscher Segelfliegertag Darmstadt



9 .11. 2011 Conferenza Svizzera di volo a vela AIGLE


Spring 2011 HpH 304 SJ in  UK


24/5/2011 : HpH UK will collect a Shark SJ Demonstrator in the next week and plan to visit a number of UK clubs and already we have seen significant interest and can confirm visits to the following schedule :-

-  4th / 5th June    Southdown Gliding Club
-  11th June          Lasham
-  18th/19th June  Southdown Gliding Club
-  25th June          Dunstable
-  26th June          Husbands Bosworth 
-  2nd July             Aston Down (Morning)
-  2nd July             Nympsfield  (Afternoon)
-  3rd July              Bidford
-  23rd July            Booker
-  24th July            Bicester

More clubs / dates will be added shortly.

The glider will be at Parham (Southdown Gliding Club)  midweek during June and pilots from other clubs are welcome to come and fly it there, by arrangement.  For those further afield, we are happy to collect you from Gatwick and drop you back afterwards.



The Shark SJ UK Tour ended with 50 UK pilots experiencing the Shark and almost every flight was a soaring one.  Feedback was universally positive both for the Sailplane but also the Jet system which performed flawlessly over the two month tour.


The Shark also flew in the UK 18m Nationals and finished in the Top-ten, flown by current Standard Class Champion, Jez Hood.  Jez has produced an article of his experience with the Shark SJ in the December 2011 / January 2012 Sailplane and Gliding Magazine.


The UK Tour generated multiple orders for both Jet & Self Launch Shark Sailplanes to be delivered in Spring 2012.

26.12.2010 - Happy new year 2011
Thank you for allowing us the HPH team to be a part of your life.
Happy New Year!
12.11:2010 - New czech records

We congratulate to Tomas Suchanek to achieve new czech records in our glider HpH 304 Shark in Narromine (Australia).

Date Pilot Type of record Glider Performance Location
26.1.2010 Tomáš Suchánek Out-and-return distance HPH 304 Shark 1048,3 Km Narromine
26.1.2010 Tomáš Suchánek Free out-and-return distance HPH 304 Shark 1050,0 Km Narromine
26.1.2010 Tomáš Suchánek Speed over an out-and-return course of 1000km HPH 304 Shark 114,8 Km/h Narromine

2 1


11.11.2010 - Spuštěn online obchod
There are no translations available.

Dnes byl spuštěn virtuální obchod kde můžete zakoupit modely vyráběné na zakázku, odkaz na něj najdete v levém menu.

V brzké době plánujeme také rozšíření sortimentu o potřeby pro piloty větroňů a jejich stroje.

21.10.2010 - Airtworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
We have just added new menu item "AD/SB" to our website.
Where you can find Overviews of Airtworthines Directives and Service Bulletins for all our gliders
20.10.2010 - First Shark in Germany

"Heidepokal 2010" on the airfield in Roitzschjora near Leipzig

304S_Heidepokal1 304S_Heidepokal2 304S_Heidepokal3 304S_Heidepokal4 304S_Heidepokal5

Copyright Axel Wildemann

14.20.2010 - Shark on the tour

30.10. 2010     -       Deutsches Segelfliegertag, ULM

06.11. 2010      -      Hollandische Segelfliegertag

07.11. 2010      -      Belgische Segelfliegertag

20.-21.11. 2010   -  Italienische Segelfliegertag 2010 Reggio Emilia

27.11. 2010       -    Schweize Segelfliegertag Thun

07.-08.01.2011 -  Osterreichische Segelfliegertag , Graz

21.-23.01.2011 - Tschechische Segelflugsympozium, Nové Mesto

more news can be found here