why a hph glider?

  1. HPH gliders are most comfortable and ergonomic
  2. HPH gliders will not lose their value and quality in time
  3. HPH quality and craftsmanship are worldwide reknown and second to none
  4. Many handicraft man-hours on every detail makes every HPH glider a masterpiece

our type range

304C WASP15m FAI Standard Classon market
304S SHARK18m FAI Class
     304S SHARK18m FAI Class, with Jet TSS (Turbine Sustainer System)on market
     304MS SHARK18m FAI Class, self-launcher with BSS (Binder Solo System)on market
     304ES eSHARK18m FAI Class, with FES (Front Electric Sustainer)on market
304TS TWIN SHARK20m FAI Double-seater Class Two-Seater
     304MTS TwinSHARK20m FAI Double-seater Class, self-launcher with BSS (Binder Solo System)in production
     304JTS TwinSHARK20m FAI Double-seater Class, with Jet TSS (Turbine Sustainer System)in design
      304ETS TwinSHARK20m FAI Double-seater Class, with FES (Front Electric Sustainer)in design